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This files are pre-builds of Nexear for GNU/Linux and other UNIX-Like operaion systems. you have to use Mono GTK# Runtime and MonoDvelop to compile and use the Nexear we may share the binary files soon.


All of the preview files are located at Pouya Animation Genral Back Up Service that you can find them form:

Get the last Nexear

files From Pouya Animation Back Up Service. This files are here because of the's support


Original files for complie in GNU/Linux , Linux, UNIX and UNIX-Like operation systems.

You can too find codes from GitHub:

MonoDevelop files for compile the app in Microsoft Windows (Files are not sorted we made some of original builds for Windows you can see they are just modifyed a little bit to work in Windows)

You can too see the codes from GitHub: You can too find codes from GitHub: