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Think about a world that everyone work with the community and everyone share their work with Freedom of modifying and changing and sharing again and everyone work for make something cool! This is thepa...

What is thepa?

thepa is a non-profit foundation that make "Free Software" (please notice that Free in Free Software is a matter of Freedom not price) we are someone who really love computer and we hope freedom in software will help everyone to have better things. We work Free and share everything for Free!

Who we are and who we work for?

We have a little team and you can find from here but we have a community and everyone can help us grow and it's welcome to everyone to come and join us you can join us as a developer, designer, translator, artist and as a Fan!

And we work for our self and we answer to no one but you we hope Pouya Animation can work without working for someone!



Why we share our work for free?

We love computer and computer software because of what they are not money. You know we share every thing for free (without getting profit) because we hope everyone should be able to use our software and non of us should be unable to use our thing just because he/she don't have money or don't have any access to payment methods plus that when we made thepa we hoped in a better world somewhere that everyone work with each other and for this aim you have to remove money from game to make a community from who really love to work not to get money


Why we work?

Because we love to do it! thepa is a place that we are making reality from our wishes and imagines. We do it because we want to make that app and it's just because we love that app. and we want to see it work not for any other purpose. thepa is this! is a place that someone who love Applications are making them for no reason but making the thing

Do you like us?

There is something that we want you to do for us. As you know we are a non-profit foundation and it makes it hard to make Ad for Pa things, So if you love us share our things, Tell about us to others and do it and do it this is biggest help you can do and if you like us and think that want to help more join us as a developer, designer, translator and...