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It was a pleasure being with you. Through the years we found our way, We found our friends, Our colleagues. We had such a journey, From getting in top of the BaseKit designs to getting famous in TouchDevelop Bazaar. Finding ourselves in Softpedia and our fonts featured in press. Getting into the Free Software world and working alongside our friends in GNU Project. It was such a good start but not everything. Now maybe is the time to move on and do even better things! Thank you all for everything.



A small but very powerful text editor with support of many great things we all need everyday. It's designed to be distracting-free and beautiful with many built-in gadgets. We believe everyone must try it at least one time barbecue it's all you need to fall in love with it


KinBoard is a black board designed for educational purposes, KinBoard has just a few keys and options and this is why it's really easy to use for kids and maybe their teachers in schools and any other institutes.


Mathman is a cross platform calculator with some really special applets such as a binominal expender a magic pythagoras maker , equation solver, etc... if you don't see these features in other applications, don't worry, they are brand new!


Plothing is a new generation of barcodes based on circles, web and fun! You can barcode anything with Plothing! Plothing also is aesthetically pleasing, so you can use it without any worry of losing the design of your product. The cool feature about Plothing is that it is designed for every one to use!