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Parallel Architectures is not a “Registered” company and we will never take any legal action due any thing you do. But we ask you to respect this terms of copyright. We will be so glad if you do so.

1) Copying any picture and/or text and/or any other content from this site is accepted under the terms of  GNU Free Documentation License but we only ask you to mention thepa as your source

2) Parallel Architectures, Inc. (thepa)'s name and logo plus all of our trademarks, Are our property Using them only for representing us and our products and/or services is okay but DO NOT USE THEM AS YOUR PRODUCT, YOUR COMPANY, YOUR NAME ECT'S LOGO OR TRADE MARK.

3) To use our logo please follow our guidelines on how to use it.

4) Do not copy anything from and folders in it (like

5) If your contributing to our projects and you have designed a page out side of thepa add “Copyright <year> Parallel Architectures, Inc.” with a link to this page.

Thanks a lot for following our rules.

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Pouya Kary - CEO 

Parallel Architectures, Inc.